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The Sustainable Preservation Initiative is currently accepting grant applications from organizations who are aligned with our mantra.  SPI supports a variety of existing or start-up businesses such as tourism, guides, restaurants, artisans and other rapidly implementable projects.  While these businesses may be diverse, what they have in common is that their economic benefit and value are directly tied to continued site preservation.

Primarily, SPI projects will:

  • provide local economic and social benefits that enhance the probability of successful and sustainable preservation
  • have strong local support – both in the community and of the site’s owner and/or administrator
  • exhibit strong likelihood of economic success
  • possess ability to collect and measure data
  • secure additional local funding and resources
  • while we accept applications from non-OECD nations, Mexico, Greece and Turkey, at this time we are giving preference to projects in Peru

Applicants are encouraged to review SPI’s Investment Discipline, found on our “Projects” page.

Download the application document